With more than 600 employees and their families, Vitaminka celebrated the 60th anniversary of their successful working on the Macedonian market. Under the motto “Vitaminka is my family”, with a lot of fun, gifts to the employees and their family, kids’ corner for the youngest, the great and significant jubilee was marked in the company’s premises.

Today Vitaminka is a great Macedonian brand in the business world and a company with a lot of famous and established sub-brands behind it. Its leadership position on the market is backed up with a well-built corporate brand, which is equated as a national value, top quality and tradition. Under the company’s slogan “World of flavours”, there is a broad range of around 350 types of packages. The most notable and the most famous brands of Vitaminka are the popular and timeless Stobi Flips, the instant vitamin drink Cevitana, the chocolate seashells with a unique and quality taste Atlantis, Vitanez, the ketchup, as well as the Dafinka.



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