The children form SOS Children’s village along with Skopje Marriott Hotel, crafted authentic and unique Christmas decorations that will be sold or donated. As guests of Skopje Marriott, the children from this center created many Christmas decorations using the material supplied by the hotel. The hand crafted decorations are placed on the Christmas tree inside the Skopje Marriott where anyone can make a purchase and make a donation to the SOS Children’s village.

“Marriott hotels have a tradition for collaborating with the SOS Children’s village on a global level. Which means that the same initiative is followed through here in Skopje. We remain close friends with the children from the local organization, and together, with the children’s creativity and ingenuity we motivate the citizens to buy their creations and make a donation for their support and making their every day life better and easier. With this action we expect to make the public aware of the needs of these children, while encouraging positive values at the same,” said Pjotr Lencevski, Director of marketing and sale at the Skopje Marriott Hotel.

The whole event contained a new years party for the children on which a few celebrities took part, such as Karolina Goceva, Vlatko Lozanoski, Eye Cue and Santa Claus, who gave the Christmas presents to the children.

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