The first thing that comes to mind when efficient and effective housing is in question are the monthly bills. With the construction of the skyscrapers, the whole standard of living is brought to a higher level. The whole complex of Cevahir Sky City offers exclusive functionality for its tenants from all of the features that stand at their disposal which allow a modern way of living.

The energy efficient facade of the skyscrapers is constructed for a three layer ventilation system that offers a fire-resistant, heat and sound isolation that directly deflects in maintaining a warm home while keeping the monthly bills low. The innovative VRF central climate control system releases 4 KW energy for every 1 KW spent. If we transfer this to the electricity bills, we can see that monthly you save up to 1700 denars, which during the whole year, come up to a saving of over 20 000 denars. The system also offers hot water 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The system is used with the press of a button, which means that you don’t pay for something you’re not using.

Energy efficient constructions are an absolute necessity in this modern day and age. The benefits are huge without any loss. The Cevahir Sky City complex offers a luxury and functional way of living with a big economic rentability.


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