Safety, security, building efficiency and quality represent the basic advantages Sky City skyscrapers. With perfect infrastructure, high quality materials, high aesthetic criteria and energy efficiency are the elements that shape the whole complex.

When safety and security come to question, it’s important to highlight that during their designing, the architects dedicated themselves to the importance of these components. The 130 meters and 40 stories high skyscrapers represent a project whose security is a contractor’s priority. During the building process, high quality materials were used. The complex has 2 underground floors with parking purposes, and in the base, there are 716 pillars, with each pillar being 24 meters deep and 1 meter wide. These pillars, along with the underground floors, represent an underground structure with 32 meters of depth. The whole underground structure represents a proof of the building’s quality and the importance that Cevahir Sky City gives to security and safety.


Proof for the building’s safety and security was given by the Institute of seismology and engineering that concluded tests by simulating and earthquake, that the skyscrapers past successfully. The tallest buildings on the Balkan peninsula showed great resistance to earthquakes and on that way, another evidence was given that support the claims of safety and security of these buildings.

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