Zito Luks, as the largest producer of bread and flour in the country and also a socially responsible company, continuously makes numerous donations to institutions,  establishments, vulnerable groups and other organizations in need of help.

The Company during 2020 made a donation to the National Kitchen in Suto Orizari and thus helped more than 200 families at social risk. It also realized a donation intended for the self-help group of single-parent families One Can, which consisted of bread, flour and cookies for the needs of single-parent families that are part of this group.

Zito Luks marked the World Hunger Day with a donation to the Red Cross from their product range. The company has also repeatedly donated to the Institute for Lung Diseases in Children, Kozle, where it has donated bread, flour and cakes according to the needs of the health institution. The project  ‘Srekja’ was also supported with a donation, where Zito Luks donated for children living in substandard conditions and coming from rural areas. All these projects are aimed at a better quality of life for these groups.

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