The famous Nutri brand form Zito Luks presents the new wholegrain and oat biscuits, as well as the new Nutri bread with 6 seeds.

“The Nutri line proved to be really desirable and suitable, especially with consumers who have specific demands, and that’s why we expanded the segment with new biscuit and bread products. Beside being tasty, the high nutritional value makes them great for everyone. Containing a sufficient amount of vitamins, dietary fiber and protein, they represent a basic for healthy living and prove as a source of energy for the whole day, and the new Zito Luks products prove to offer just that”, said representatives from the company.

The Nutri wholegrain and oat biscuits represent a source of vitamins and minerals (vitamins from B group, phosphorus. magnesium, potassium), as well as being a source for dietary fibers, which helps for better indigestion, maintaining body weight and other health benefits.

The wholegrain Nutri bread with 6 seeds contains sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, sesame, millet and poppy. The bread contains a high amount of fibers, protein, vitamins and minerals, who are easily absorbed in the human body.

Zito Luks as a company with great tradition and high standard for quality is the oldest and biggest bread manufacturer in the country and this year, marks it’s 70 year anniversary. With the new products, Zito Luks proved once again that is still following the latest trends, tending to stay faithful to the needs and desires of its consumers.


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